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About us

We have a team of highly passionate, humble and honest people who love what they do. In Sparxsys we encourage our employees to actively contribute back to the community by various means like creating educational videos, mentoring others and participating in online forums. Above all we want to be happy in life.

What we do

Sparxsys is an Atlassian and Drupal Consultancy company. We provide world class professional services and have years of proven experience helping our clients. Founded in Delhi, India in the year 2010 by two friends with mutual interests. In 2021 we launched Sparxsys in London, United Kingdom as well.
2022-05-01-11:45, Sunday

We organised a Jira workshop for the Supply Chain Management students of KLU University (Kuehne Logistics University), this workshop was organised by advisupply.

2022-04-13-06:54, Wednesday

As you probably know that there has been an outage on roughly 400 customer sites since April 4th, 20:12 UTC. Sri Viswanath, Atlassian CTO has released a post about this as well. #Atlassian #Outage