Ravi Sagar YouTube channel crossed 4000 subscribers!

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I recently crossed 4000 subscribers on my YouTube channel where I make daily videos on Atlassian tools. I started making videos in 2011 but it was only in 2018 when I started uploading videos regularly, initially I was making videos on other topics as well but in 2019 I decided to just keep this channel focus on Atlassian tools. I am quite happy with what this channel has achieved. I get regular messages from people telling me that they were able to solve their problems by watching these videos and that is so great to know that someone somewhere in the world is watching my videos. Honestly I create these videos first for myself. It is an outlet for me to do whatever I want to do. Creating regular videos keeps me up to date with what is happening in Atlassian ecosystem, be it new features or changes to a functionality in an app.

I started Sparxsys operations in UK earlier this month and I am extremely excited and happy. I have plans to not only make regular videos but also to make proper free video courses. I am currently working on Jira Work Management videos which I was hoping to launch earlier this month but it got delayed but hopefully in couple of weeks I will launch them. Initially I thought of creating videos for Udemy but then I changed my mind and I have now decided to keep my videos free forever on YouTube.

Publishing highest quality free training videos on various Atlassian tools is our way of giving back to the community and also we want to showcase our commitment and capabilities to our clients.