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Reporting in Jira is good and it works but often people want to do more with Jira data, then want to make informed decisions based on accurate information and past performance. There are apps like eazyBI which we absolutely love and we recommend it all the time but not everyone wants to install apps for various reasons. We don't necessarily love Excel but..
A very happy new year to all of you. We wish you lot of success in 2023. Last year was really good for us, we achieved a lot and are really happy and content with our achievements. Although Sparxsys was started in India in 2010 but it was our first year of operation in the UK and we did quite well in its first year in a different country.
2022 was a wonderful year for us. We are happy with whatever we achieved this year. At Sparxsys our goal is very simple and clear - "We want to provide the world class Atlassian services to our clients". This means zero compromise on the quality of service we provide. Although we are a small company but our team has best experts and decades of experience. Not only we know when and when not to use Atlassian tools but at the same time we really know how to use these tools, that too in different situations.
We wish you a very Happy Christmas. 2022 has been a wonderful year for us. I hope it was great for you as well. Enjoy time with your family and wish you lot of success for the next year.
As you probably know that there has been an outage on roughly 400 customer sites since April 4th, 20:12 UTC. Sri Viswanath, Atlassian CTO has released a post about this as well. #Atlassian #Outage What he is saying in this post is that they were supposed to delete the legacy Insight app on customer sites where it was installed but due to a faulty script 400 customer sites were deleted by mistake.
I first started using Jira when I was working for a very big telecom company in Gurgaon (now Gurugram). I was asked to setup and manage Jira instance. My responsibility was not only limited to customising the tool but also to make sure new teams can be migrated to it. That time the teams were using Jira to keep track of their test campaigns and test cases. This was obviously easy in Jira, just create parent and sub tasks along with relevant workflows. I remember I used to import data using CSV which was a life saver.
Jira is a great tool for various reasons. You can customise it the way you want, it is not very expensive, it is easy and simple to use and it has lot of features to suite your needs. In the last decade Jira has established itself as a tool of choice for many organisation. A sparxsys we provide various services to help these companies to get the most out of Atlassian tools, every company is different and they use Jira or other Atlassian tools the way they want but if I have to list one common requirement that they all have then that is reporting.
Yesterday I went to the Atlassian London Viewing Party. It was a great experience to meet fellow Atlassian users, clients and other partners. @atlassian @sparxsys #atlassianteam22
Last 2 years were tough for everyone, people handled it differently but one thing came out as common, we all learned something. For me nothing was too different from usual because I have been working from for a long time but after COVID remote working was accepted as a norm. Although I am not a social person but I did miss going out and 2 years staying at home working from my room was a bit too much for me as well, after all I am also a human being.