Top 4 CMS to learn | Make sites without coding and programming knowledge

Submitted by ravisagar on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 10:41

Learning how to make a website can be really useful. You can make site for your business, your online resume or may be you want to start your own website development business. In the beginning it can be daunting to learn a new technology or a programming language however you can quick start your web development journey by using a CMS but you have lot of choices.

Let us take a look at the top 4 CMS that you can learn, watch this video:

Switch PHP version of Drupal on Webfaction

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 10:29

Often we encounter problems when hosting Drupal site on shared servers like webfaction. The PHP version that we used while development of the site is not there on the hosting server. If you are using webfaction then the steps below can be used to switch your site's PHP version.

Create a symlink to the version of php you want.

ln -s /home/php-cgi/php56.cgi php56.cgi

This symbolic link will work for webfaction. Check with your hosting provider the location of php56.cgi file path.

Learn how to use Domain Access module in 10 easy steps

There are times when you want to make want to make a site which when access through a particular place will show particular content or specifically speaking when accessed from different domains will show different in this blog i am going to tell you about the domain module which can be used to show different content to the user according to the URL referred.
Before reading I would recommend to read this.
Here are the steps

1. Install Drupal as you do normally

How to use contextual filter and relationship in views

Views is a very powerful module of Drupal. You can use it to show data in various ways which is not easily possible. Today we are going to tell share with you the two advanced and powerful features of views namely Relationships and Contextual filters.


Relationships are basically a fancy way of saying that table A will join with table B in order to retrieve data related to it from there and the join will happen on some common field in both tables.

How to generate dynamic map showing multiple locations

Google provide many free services, one such useful service is google maps. google maps allow you to search location anywhere in the world. Most of the people know about google maps but google also provide the functionality to pinpoint various locations on a map pinpoint them and also to embed those maps on your site. In this post we are going to tell you how to generate a dynamic google map showing multiple locations.

Here are the steps

How to use entity registration module to create event registration

There are times when you are organizing an event and want people to register for events. For taking registration you should have some way for people to register to the event. Today we are going to share with you about the Drupal Entity Registration module for taking registration of people for the event.

How to clone a repository in bitbucket

We have earlier shared with you one technique to clone a git repository and it is certainly pretty useful but today we want to share even a simple trick provided that you use bitbucket.

Very often there is a need to copy the code from one project to another. Sometimes when we have to create a new project and it is very much similar to an old project that we did then instead of creating the whole project again we copy the similar project and then modify it further.

JIRA Server vs JIRA Cloud - Which one should I choose?

Submitted by ravisagar on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 07:59

It is a common question for every new JIRA user that which version of JIRA they should use? Cloud or Server? Many of my client's ask me this question and in this blog post I want to highlight various points here that will help clear your doubts.

Why go for JIRA Server

1. No JIRA System Administrator rights on cloud: That means you cannot perform import from csv or other tools and apart from the customization you cannot have full control of your instance.

How to secure your Drupal site

When you create a website you spend lot of time and effort in creating it.It would be very bad if the site got now i am going to tell you how make your drupal site secure.

First of all install security review module from
This module runs various checks which helps you to know if all things are configured for your site correctly or not.By this module you get a checklist of errors by the help of this you can take steps to rectify the errors.

How to setup LAMP on Cent OS 6

At sparxsys we use different flavors of Linux operating system like ubuntu, centos and fedora. Most of our servers where we host our Drupal sites are run on Cent OS machines. On all these operating systems for website development there is a need to have Apache, PHP and MySQL installed. Today let us see you how to setup a lamp stack on Cent OS6. Well here I am assuming you already have installed Cent OS on your machine so I will provide info on how to start configuration on your blank machine.