What we do

Professional Services

Atlassian Consultancy
We provide wide range of services around Atlassian tools and apps like Jira, Confluence, Advanced Roadmaps, ScriptRunner for Jira, Automation, eazyBI, Structure, Tempo and many more. Our consultants have proven expertise and several years of experience helping clients, so you can be assured that you get full value of doing business with us. Our consultants have written several books, they are Atlassian community leaders and run YouTube channel to share their knowledge.
Drupal Consultancy
We love Drupal and it has been our focus since day 1 of we being in business. Our services include developing websites and providing expert guidance to our clients. We have delivered workshops and trainings to college students and corporate clients to help them understand Drupal.

Product Development

Atlassian Apps
We build great Alassian apps. Doing app development not only gives us an opportunity to explore various ways to enhance capabilities of Atlassian tools but also keep us up to date with the knowledge of how these products works. We use this knowledge to help our customers by recommending them when and when not to use apps. Knowing how Atlassian app development works also requires us to explore various ways to integrate Jira or Confluence with other tools.
In house projects
We love building products to learn new technologies or as a proof of concept. Some of our in house projects end up being used in real projects and rest give us plenty of knowledge and opportunity to explore the latest trends.