Online JIRA Training to overseas clients

Submitted by ravisagar on Thu, 08/28/2014 - 23:50

Last week I prepared the sprint of the tasks that we are going to accomplish for the remaining part of August. We spent almost 2 hours working on the priorities and decided this that are quite important to us. That included delivering Drupal projects and learning new technologies. At sparxsys we are quite serious about doing new things, it keeps our work interesting and also gives us immense satisfaction that we are learning new stuff and of course as an IT company it is always good to learn new things.

Last week on Saturday I got a call from a new client from UK who were looking training around 20 people in JIRA. I got excited to know their requirements, they were quite specific about the things they want to learn. Things really worked out well with them, they liked our training portfolio and of obviously our training content which is by far the best in India. We are proud to say that no other training provider or freelance trainer can match our JIRA training.

The only problem was that they wanted to start the training on Tuesday and that too online. If you compare classroom trainings with online training then there is no match, because classroom trainings are interactive, people can ask questions easily, you can also express yourself well when you are in front of the participant, online training work too but it is mostly one sided. Also in online trainings people are usually listening to you and they might not be practicing along with the trainer.

The trainings that we provide to clients is not just theory, we do hands on and before the training we coordinate with the IT guys to setup the lab. Anyways, for the client, we are now doing an online session of 2 hours every day this week and it is going quite well. As a trainer I am satisfied with the way we are managing this training. We have lot of experience of classroom onsite trainings in various companies across India and we are happy that we are also adding online trainings to our portfolio.

If for some reason you are also looking for online trainings then we can surely help. For your JIRA training needs contact us at ravi [at] sparxsys [dot] com and we can take it further.