We can build VBA Macros to fetch Jira issues

Submitted by ravisagar on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 10:10

Reporting in Jira is good and it works but often people want to do more with Jira data, then want to make informed decisions based on accurate information and past performance. There are apps like eazyBI which we absolutely love and we recommend it all the time but not everyone wants to install apps for various reasons.

We don't necessarily love Excel but..

We are Atlassian consultants and are main job is to help organisations get the most out of Atlassian tools like Jira. In bigger companies Excel is heavily used and we see people using Jira along with Excel. This is obviously not a good practice, we help these organisations move away from Excel sheet based tracking but at the same time Excel is deeply embedded in corporate culture mainly because of the way it stores data and how easily people can manipulate it as well.

If you cannot get rid of Excel sheet then at least try to use it to consume data from Jira and reporting. Don't use it to plan the work and then push data back to Jira.

Jira can natively export data to a CSV file which can be opened in Excel but there is a limit of 1000 issues per export whether you do it from the UI and it is a manual process. 

Sparxsys can build Excel Macros for you

If you search online you will find examples of various VBA macros that can help you pull data from Jira into your Excel sheet but if you need help with building these macros or tools in Excel then do reach out to us. We can help you.

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