Drupal Training

Drupal Training
We provide Drupal Training to people who want to create their own website. Read further to know more.

Why our Trainings are different?

1. Our trainings are for absolute beginners

This is our USP. We are totally focussed and determined to teach Drupal to anyone who can operate computers and has a passion to learn website development. When we say this we are making a bold statement here because even some developers find it difficult to learn Drupal. We want to break this myth and prove that anyone can learn Drupal. Yes anyone.

Come to us with a reason to make a website and we will teach you Drupal. We don’t expect you to have any programming background. We will use Drupal to teach you how to make an awesome website without writing a single line of code. Having some basic HTML won’t do any harm.

2. We will be with you always

Many people are not sure whether they should take a course or not because their main concern is the post training support. Many few training providers actually provide support!

Along with every training course we will provide you bonus free 5 session of one hour each of direct one to one session which you can consume within an year. We will be with you in your journey to success. We understand that you may have some difficulties when you are on your own and these free one to one sessions will ensure that you get all your doubts cleared.

3. Take classes at your convenience

We understand that you are busy with lot of stuff in your life and that is why we plan the training sessions as per your convenience. Before we start the training sessions the schedule will be discussed with you. If for any reason you can’t attend a particular session just inform us at least 3 days before and we will reschedule your session. Apart from face to face trainings we provide Online Trainings as well, so even if you are not in Delhi you can take these trainings.

Who should take these trainings?

1. People starting their own online Business

If you are a starting a new business or want to expand your business to reach new customers and markets then you really need a website to showcase your services and products. Getting a website developed by some vendor is not cheap and good services come at a price. If you have good understand of computers like if you can check your emails, browse the internet and you have good understanding of websites then you can develop your own website. It is so much fun to have full control over your website. It will save lots of your precious money too.

2. Students starting their career

In the past few year there has been steady growth in number of websites created in Drupal. It clearly indicates that Drupal is becoming one of top choice for creating a web portal. If you are in college or a fresher in the industry, then by not learning Drupal you are missing lots of job opportunities. Just go and search Drupal on any job portal and you will come to know that there is a huge requirement in the market.

Infact do you know that there is a shortage of skilled Drupal developers in the market? Yes there is absolutely no reason to not learn Drupal. In the beginning you might need to pay close attention to learn the basics but once you master that you can easily pick advanced Drupal topics like Views easily. To begin the learning process you don’t even need to understand PHP. As we have said before that you don’t need to learn PHP language for creating a great website in Drupal.

3. Web Developers interested in learning Drupal

Are you a web developer who works on PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP? Then you are probably aware that creating a website from scratch in these technologies takes lot of time, plus scaling the website is a huge issue when you have developed a custom solution. You have to take care of all the best practices in writing and organizing your code. Drupal already has a well defined architecture. When you start developing your own Drupal Modules then you will really love writing code that fits so easily with the existing functionality. All this is possible because of strict coding practices implemented in Drupal code and its contributed modules.

The advantage of using Drupal is that you can easily create a website in very short time and there is a module for almost every functionality you can think of. Drupal is based on PHP and the designing is done using CSS, so if you have a programming background then you can easily understand it and start making amazing website in few days only. Adding Drupal to your skill set will surely be very helpful in your career. Many software companies are now using Drupal and the demand of Drupal Developers is increasing these days.

4. You do Freelancing and create websites

Are you a freelance website developer? If yes then you are probably aware that maintaining a website for a client all alone is very difficult when you are working on a custom solution. These days most of the websites are dynamic in nature and client ask for new features and changes every time. When you using Drupal for your client’s website then one thing you can easily manage is adding new features. Drupal has plugins known as modules that you can install and add new functionalities very easily. When you start learning Drupal you will realize that there is a module for almost everything you can think of. Whether your clients need a simple website for their company profile or a big portal with online forums, user registrations or an e-commerce website. The possibilities are endless. If you are in a situation where you can’t find the module you are looking for then it you write your own module that can extend the functionalities of your website. As a freelance web developer learning Drupal will expand your horizon.

5. You are a client looking to get a website developed by some vendor

Are you looking for a software vendor to get a website developed? If yes then probably it is a good idea to do some research about the web technologies. Most of the companies do extensive research before giving their project to a software vendor. After all companies will charge more for developing a Drupal website as compared to other CMS, although that extra money you spend will be worth thousands and will probably save lot of time in future but in any case you should do extensive research about the web technologies.

If you are comparing Drupal with some other CMS then it is indeed very important that you understand what Drupal is and its capabilities. You can read our book now to know more about it. Probably it is a good idea to check out our website www.slashnode.in where we have lots of videos, articles and podcasts on managing content on a Drupal website. It will surely help you to make a wise decision!

6. Anyone who wants to create a website for any reason in this world

We can give you many reason to learn Drupal. It is simple, if you have any reason for creating a website then we can teach you how to make it.

Personal one to one counselling before the course

We will not enroll you without knowing your needs and a reason to learn website development. We would like to have a personal one to one session with you where we will understand your requirements. We highly recommend you to contact us now and we will schedule a meeting with you over phone or skype.

Course Material and Content

1. Free e-book written by our team
2. Direct access to our videos tutorials

Course Delivery and System Requirements for Online Trainings

1. Desktop Computer/Laptop with Mic and Speakers
2. Skype installed on your machine
3. TeamViewer installed on your machine

For face to face trainings you just need to come to our center, you are also welcome to bring your Laptop with you.

Get your own Domain and Space to practice Drupal

We will give you a free Domain and Space (Only with Drupal Training Level II) where you can practice Drupal. It will include the following stuff.

1. Domain of your choice
2. 1 GB Space
3. 1 MySQL database

We will use this domain for practicing and we will ask you to complete the assignments that we give you on this domain. After the training is over you can keep the domain if you wish too for your business. Sexy isn’t it?

Though we provide a Domain name to you, in the training we will not build a website for you :) I hope you can understand it. The purpose of this Domain is for training only and to give you real life experience of creating your live site. When you create a site on your local machine, you may not get as excited as you would if you have a real domain, a website of your own.

So you must have guessed by now that we are determined to teach you Drupal.

Courses offered right now

At the moment we are offering the following course. Should you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach us.

Currently Available Courses

Drupal Training Level I (12 hours Course)

Upcoming Courses

Drupal Training Level II - Module Development