Timerays.com launches on 23rd July 2010

Submitted by ravisagar on Fri, 07/23/2010 - 05:21

Timerays another project of Sparxsys Solutions has been made LIVE !!

URL: www.timerays.com

Project Description
This website is basically made for writing articles. In this three types of articles have been shown. These are basically Article Categories. All the articles on the site are divided into one of these three Categories.


The site is broadly divided into these three sections.

Just like any other Drupal site this site is also very user friendly, author can easily make there accounts and post there articles.

Smooth Navigation
User can easily look all the top and new articles under the Imagination, Objectivity and Diversity columns.

Featured Articles
User can look for the Featured articles in the slider which looks excellent. The site editor has the ability to select any article to be displayed under this section. This is a slider of articles with Article Image, Article Teaser and Thumbnails. The articles rotate automatically but the user can also change the article by hovering the mouse over the thumbnails.

Latest Article Block
User can easily see the latest articles at the left sidebar, even he can see the individual category articles. This block adds the usability of the site. This section has the articles which are not there on the Home Page Top region and the Featured Article Slider.

Elegant and Simple Design
Keeping User in our mind we have developed the site in such a way that it can easily find out any articles whether old or new one. The colors used for links and Article Titles are soothing to eyes. The font used on this site is very easy to read.

Admin Dashboard
Moderator has full access to the website Administrative task and he/she can make control the site using a very easy to use yet feature rich Admin Dashboard. This section is the Control Center of the website for Approving new users, Approving new articles, Comment Administration and variou other admin tasks.

Currently the site is in Beta phase and only few portions of the site is visible. In coming days more features and sections of the site will be enabled. We really had fun working on this project, we implemented some really cool features. It is one of a kind of Project that we developed. It is no less than any other Newspapers website in terms of functionality and Design.

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