How to add more fields in contact us form

Submitted by ravisagar on Thu, 09/23/2010 - 13:22

We recently revamped a website for an Interior Designer and Vastu Expert. The project is Nirmaanam. She called us today and asked us to add a contact number field in the contact form. Well there is not simple way to do this.

Many of us have used the contact us form again and again but whenever we need to add some more fields in contact form then there is a serious problem as the default settings in the contact module doesn't have any way to add more fields. We generally switch to web-form to add more fields to the form.

We could have used to web form module to develop a new form or we could have used cck and mail triggers to achieve the same functionality, but that would have consumed atleast 1 hour. Well, we are lazy engineers we don't like wasting time, so we did a quick search on drupal website and found a way!

Drupal has the solution to add new fields in the contact form.

Drupal has a module named Contact Form Fields.

This module helps us to add more fields to contact us form. So rather switching to the web-form we can add fields in the contact form and use it.

Once Again Drupal Rocks!