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How to Setup a Secure Drupal site

Security is a Process, not a Product. It's an ongoing process for any product or service. As we know Internet is full of spammers and hackers threatening to deface or take down your site or steal confidential data. Everyone should keep security concern in mind when administering site/blog. No doubt Drupal community has developed a solid process to help you avoid major headaches when dealing with security matters.

Sharing Few major thing to make it more secure .

Use Strong Passwords

How to add comment field for any content type

Its another easiest thing can be added to drupal base site without giving extra effort . Comment field can be added to any type of content type of Drupal . Here we are sharing all steps to add Comment field . here it goes .

i) Navigate to the Content types administration page (Administer > Structure > Content types or
2) Find the content type for which you'd like to add fields on the comment form, and click "Manage fields" next to it.
3) Click the "Comment fields" tab.


These days I am busy revamping website. Now we are totally focused on our own portals and we are not taking any more client projects. Though I would consider a very good challenging projects. It is a tough decision but we want to do quality work and it was getting mundane for us doing same kind of stuff. Now we are back to doing what we are supposed to do! Drupal training. Yes, now we will also work on creating free Drupal podcasts. We created some podcasts couple of months back but due to clien's projects I was not able to work on it more.

Sparxsys Drupal Training Videos and Podcast - Web Development Company in Delhi, India

We are pleased to announce that we have recently started Free Drupal video podcast!! Anyone who is interested in learning website development using Drupal can watch these podcasts. We know that creating tutorials helps but these videos makes it very easy to understand how to actually configure a Drupal site and various others things.

Website Development Company in Delhi offering affordable solutions

Our visitors will be glad to know that we are again started accepting new project after busy past months. Those who don't know Sparxsy Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Website consulting company and we use Drupal for creating wonderful portals and web apps.

What kind of website we build

1. Corporate Website
Our elegant and neat design will not only give your brand an online presence but will also increase your business leads. A good website is the front face for your potential customers. These days almost all companies whether small or big wants to have their presence in the web world and our affordable solutions help them in quickly transform their company's image!

2. Education Portal for Schools and Colleges
We provide wonderful feature rich solutions for schools and colleges for student and teacher management systems. Our dynamic portals not only have the website but also a database of students. With great features like event, time tables, announcements, forums etc we have helped institutes to easily collaborate and interact with students!

3. Matrimonial Website
Gone are the days when suitable matches was searched in marriage bureaus. We specialize in Matrimonial websites were people looking for life partners can create their online profile and search for suitable matches online. Our system is secure and respects everyones privacy

4. Lawyer Website
We provide unique designs for law firms and lawyer who need a very simple yet elegant website that conveys the message to their potential customers very easily.

5. Showroom Website
Now a days as customers are getting web savvy everyone searches the net before buying products or read reviews online from other customers. Our website solutions for shopkeepers and showroom owners enable them to get ahead of their competitors. Having a website is a great way to showcase products and services and to leave an ever lasting mark on customers!!

How to use your own css file in Drupal

Here is another small tip for designing drupal website. When you develop sites in drupal you be definitely need to modify the existing css file of the theme you are using. my suggestion is don't mess much with the original theme. Keep it as it is or change it only when you really have to.

Just create your own css file, lets say we call it MyOwn.css and write your code in it. Then edit the .info file of the theme you are using and add the following line in it.

  1. stylesheets[all][] = style.css
  2. stylesheets[all][] = ribbon.css
  3. stylesheets[all][] = aggregator.css


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