Sandipani is the project that mainly focuses on the education of poor children and on improving their skills and enducing creativity in them. As children are the future of nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of under privileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.

Eye Way Description will come here Eye Way Description will come here Eye Way Description.

Eyeway Helpdesk Management System is an 24x7 helping system for the people who are blind and facing so many problems in their lives regarding their future and upcoming carrier opportunities.

Blind people who are in chaos like what they have to do to make their future much better and secure so Our helpdesk management system support these people and provide better help and resources.

Shiva meditation is a beautiful phrase formed by two words.Shiva means pure power/energy which is naturally there within every Human being,it’s just a matter of becoming aware of it.Man is a storehouse of limitless powers.He’s searching to find out how to utilise these energies.

Chitta-vani means seeking out these energies by employing one’s mind/conscousness.Now the question arises-How can the mind discover these powers?
As our mind is cleansed of impurities and becomes clearer,it naturally receives theses energies until finally ,its very nature gets transformed in to pure energy itself.

In this world,every person is suffering from one or the other problem because he/she does not know how to find one’s way out of all these problems.
He/she is not aware that all the required powers dwell within him/her only.Through Shiva meditation,man comes to recognise his true nature and a way out of all these problems appears by itself.

Set up in 2003 we are the flagship project of Score Foundation.

We are an interactive information hub on anything and everything related to blindness. And our goal is to provide all the information you might need, because we believe that information changes lives. The access to this information is not limited to only visually impaired persons. You may be here because you work in this field or someone you know will be benefited from this, or simply because you want to gain insight and be better informed. Our objective is to use information and knowledge to inform, inspire and empower people.

We believe that the real problem is not with the eyes it is with the way people think. So by means of this website in 2003 we launched project Eyeway in order to facilitate a change in the mindsets of people. In the course of time we realized, that the website on its own has very limited utility, and so we launched our Radio Program “Eyeway yeh hai Roshni ka Karwan” in 2005. Subsequently in 2006 we launched our Helpdek, which has made a positive impact in the lives of many people, and in 2008-09 we launched our SMS Alert Service. In 2013 we are also looking to launch a television series titled, “Nazar ya Nazariya”.

Northdelhiexpress is  an Ad magazine which is running since June 2006. It was distributed from the Ist day of the every month in the various part of North Delhi through newspapers.Its is oldest site.The  site is for classifields for various advertisement .In this site we used marinelli theme.The site is very popular for classifield. In the site we used various modules.