Funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO), under the 7th DIPECHO Action Plan for South Asia, INCRISD South Asia (Inclusive Community Resilience for Sustainable Disaster Risk Management) is an action research, capacity building and policy advocacy project implemented through a consortium comprising of Handicap International, ActionAid and Oxfam. INCRISD South Asia aims at building safer, more resilient communities in South Asia by evidence-based inclusive approaches to Disaster Risk Management (DRM) through a multi-stakeholders’ engagement. INCRISD South Asia is rolled out in 6 countries of South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Aim of “Mmystic knot”, is to help each and every soul in their spiritual growth. Creating an unbreakable knot between God and lost souls, who have forgot their Divine truth. These souls are stuck at different levels(physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), in their illusion of separateness. We serve such souls through our various modalities or energy courses at different levels where they are suck, so that they could lead a happy and healthy life, by understanding their divine truth. “May all beings of Earth be happy, at peace, learn their lessons and heal their souls. May there be light of wisdom that removes darkness of ignorance.”

DairyTime website, we one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of quality dairy products in India. The company, which has countrywide establishment and network facilitating its clients, we are based out of Delhi, the capital of the country.

DairyTime has proven to be the trusted partner to its various clients and emerged as a leading manufacturer, and supplier of dairy products. DairyTime, with its capabilities of high and customized production schedules is catering to the needs of Bakers, Confectioners, Dairy food ingredient, Ice-cream manufacturers, Pharmacy Solid Dosage Incipient and Nutritional Dietary Supplements to name a few.

Rehab monitor: is a first of its kind web-technology platform developed in South Asia to promote Interdisciplinary practice in Rehabilitation. The website is an attempt to bring together various rehabilitation professionals to undertake continuous professional education (CPE) modules of 6-15 hours each in Interdisciplinary practice, offer a south Asia regional resource sharing on rehab service mapping, different policy/Practice guidelines in the field of Physical rehabilitation, information on professional associations, rehab education, code of conduct, entry requirements, best practices etc. The Rehab monitor forum and blog section is a platform to initiate meaningful discussions on issues of relevance in rehabilitation. Read stories on Community based rehabilitation (CBR) interventions from the field in the Stories section. The face book page of the website can be visited at Rehab monitor is an activity of Handicap International’s Project “towards disability inclusive development through a strengthened rehab sector” implemented in 4 South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri-lanka. The project is funded by European Commission. The website aims to reach at least 1000 Rehab professionals in South Asia. To undertake the CPE modules, please register at: