Travelex is the market leader in foreign exchange products. They recently moved to JIRA for project management and end to end traceability. They were looking for training their administrators to customize JIRA and also wanted to learn how Agile methodologies especially Scrum can be implemented in JIRA. We conducted a 3 day training program for them.

Religare is one of the most well known company in health insurance. They have their own online platform developed by various vendors. They needed a tool to track the development activities and change requests. They evaluated JIRA and contacted us to customize it according to their needs.

We are fascinated by learning various use cases of JIRA. Surprisingly JIRA is not only used by IT companies but also but companies in other sectors. Gilbarco is one such example. This company is a market leader in Petrol Pump dispensers.

ACG has been using JIRA with standard features for a long time. They are still using version 5.x in their company, their requirements was to map a complex workflow along with various customizations.

Asergis is a UK based telecom company who wants to improve their internal process using JIRA. They also want to implement Agile Methodologies in their company. Sparxsys organized a 3 day JIRA and JIRA Agile training in their company.