Credit Suisse

We organized JIRA and JIRA Agile training for Credit Suisse

Sometimes it really amazes us that JIRA is being used in company from different sectors. One fine example is New Age Global which is into freight services. They built one software for managing freight solutions for their internal usage but it turned out to be a great tool and they decided to sell it to other freight companies too. These customers often have support request which they send to New Age through email. Now they have decided JIRA to act like their support ticketing system and to visualize the workflow they will use Kanban boards.

Now only support tickets but also for their internal development and big tracking they have decided to use JIRA now instead of Bugzilla.

Sparxsys organized 4 day training for Essilor developers and management team. Essilor is a popular lens manufacturing company based out of France. They wanted to understand how JIRA can help them achieve transparency among the teams and also they wanted to implement both the Agile techniques - SCRUM and Kanban.

We organized JIRA and JIRA Agile training for MakeMyTrip

Hotstar Electricals are one of the leading manufacturers of electrical appliances like water cooler, gas stoves, chimneys, kettles and induction cookers. Sparxsys created their website with listing of all their products.