How to use entity registration module to create event registration

There are times when you are organizing an event and want people to register for events. For taking registration you should have some way for people to register to the event. Today we are going to share with you about the Drupal Entity Registration module for taking registration of people for the event.

Download and install the following modules and enable them

  1. Date
  2. entity registration module
  4. Views Bulk Operations (VBO)

Now create a registration type

Before creating registration type check the various registration states available to you.

If you want you can create your own registration states according to your need. Now Go to Home » Administration » Structure » Registration » Registration types and add a new registration type, for example training.

Here you have to give the name of the field and have to select the default state for registrations, you can also specify the maximum amount of time for holding a registration in held state and after that what will be the next state after holding time expires.

After clicking the save configuration button click on manage fields to add new fields for this registration if you want, for example you may want to take the the phone no of registrant along with other details.

You can click on manage display to manage how a training registration will look.

Now the training registration type is created, similarly you can create more registration types according to your needs.

Now create a new content type named event

Add two fields one of type date and another type of registration then configure these fields.

As shown below you can assign various options in the registration field like type of registration and number of slots a user can book and many other options.

General settings for the registration field like name of field,description and registration type

Settings for default registrations.

Some more additional settings.

Now you will be able to take registrations on events like this

Create an event named test event.

Now the created event will look something like this.

You can click on manage registrations tab to different things like to view registrations, change registration settings for this event and can send an email to all the registrants.

The visitors can click on the training link to register or can click on the register tab to register for this event.

The state field is only visible to the creator of event.

Now you can use views module to create a page to list all registration and with the help of VBO module you can perform bulk operations on the registrations

So create a page view like this.There are many settings and field which you can manipulate according to your liking.

This will create a registrations page which will look something like this.

There are so many settings in this module you can set them as you like you can experiment with this to create a view for each single registration also, I hope this tutorial will get you started for working with this module to make event registrations.