How to clone a repository in bitbucket

We have earlier shared with you one technique to clone a git repository and it is certainly pretty useful but today we want to share even a simple trick provided that you use bitbucket.

Very often there is a need to copy the code from one project to another. Sometimes when we have to create a new project and it is very much similar to an old project that we did then instead of creating the whole project again we copy the similar project and then modify it further.

Today we are going to share with you a very easy way to clone your repository into another repository or to import an outside repository to your bitbucket account.

Here are the steps

  1. Copy the link of repository you want to clone
  2. Login to your bitbucket account.
  3. Now go to repositories in menu bar and click on "Import repository" option.
  4. After selecting that a form will open up there fill the details of source repository and add its URL which you have copied in first step
  5. Also provide the authentication details if necessary
  6. Fill the details for new Repository name and other options
  7. After filling out the details click on Import repository button and the bitbucket will do the rest

After following the above steps you will see that you have successfully cloned the repository and you can clone it locally. I hope this will help you in saving time when duplicating a git repository on bitbucket.