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At Sparxsys we use several great products and services. One this page we have shared the shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, hardware and other great products that we use daily and we want to also recommend them to you. These are all affiliate links to their respective sites and we vouch for them.

  • Probably the best shared hosting provider in our opinion. If you don't want to purchase a VPS or don't want the hassle to setup the server then Webfaction is probably one of the best shared hosting provider in the market. It is still little difficult to setup but it gives very good control over the applications and the performance is just amazing. We host lot of our small to medium sized sites on Webfaction. We have experienced that it can handle traffic up to 10,000 users per day pretty smoothly..

  • In 2013 we tried Linode for hosting our important sites with high load. We started with two VPS only but we were quite satisfied with the performance and now we have several machines hosted on Linode.