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it have many great modules used of drupal..

Table view with rows/columns switched

These days I am working on my other site to build the database of all the colleges affiliated to GGSIPU. I created a Custom Content Type to have various fields like college address, phone, fax, email, rating, etc. During the counselling time the students wants to compare various colleges based on various parameters like infrastructure, campus and other things. Now I wanted to create a view where a table is shown with the names of the colleges in the header and these parameters on rows.

This views snippet allows you to render a tableview with columns and rows switched. Suppose you have the following output:

  1. Title | Price 1 | Price 2
  2. ----------------------------
  3. Node #1 | $10 | $20
  4. Node #2 | $15 | $25

but what you really want is the node titles displayed in the header, and the prices as the rows:

  1. | Node #1 | Node #2
  2. ----------------------------
  3. Price 1 | $10 | $15
  4. Price 2 | $20 | $25

I created a view table, but obviously it showed the college names in the rows as it is the dynamic part. I searched around a lot on drupal and google and found this amazing piece of code that transpose the rows/columns.

You just need to replace YOURTHEME with the name of the theme and VIEWNAME with the view name and that's it!

Enable Dreamhost Stats on Drupal website

If you are hosting your Drupal website on Dreamhost then you may not be aware that Dreamhost provides a nice stats feature for all the domains.

It is normally accessible at but the problem is that with Drupal's clean_url enabled you will get "Page not found" error.

Their is an easy resolution for this. Just add the following three lines on top of your .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/stats/(.*)$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/failed_auth.html$
RewriteRule ^.*$ - [L]

Why I love Drupal?

Creating my own Database Driven Dynamic website was a dream for me, yeah I know it is not that difficult, but when you want a Blog, a Powerful CMS, User Registration, Email, Forums, Comments, Access Restriction based on User Roles and bla bla bla other cool things in your website then it get little tough. The very though of making a website with all these features used to Haunt me. I think I am a good Programmer but I am a Lazy person. I do not like do same things again and again.


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