Installing Flash player in Fedora 11,12 ,13

Many of us are new comer in the world of open source and easily get lost in that.Now here i will tell you how to install Adobe flash player in Fedora 11,12,13 .So that it can be easy for you.

You need to open Kn-sole (command window).In that Firstly check the Directory by "dirs" command
Step 1: Change your directory to desktop
Step 2: run this command su -c 'rpm -ivh adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm'

Step 3: turn all the things to yes if system asks.

Step 4:After that when it returns to prompt again run this command

How to give round curve to a rectangular box in side bar?

Many of us while designing has this question in our mind that how to give round curve to a rectangular box in side bar?

Somesuggest a image to put in or side image to put but we can do it with the Help of CSS
its really easy

you just need to go in that box and read the id or class of that box
for example: .sidebar or .sidebar .block h3

Now go into the Css file and implemenent this class or Id
and in that you need to appy

-moz-border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;

//5px 5px 5px 5px these are values that can be changed...//

How to create a comment view in Drupal?

Today we will share how to create a simple block view to display the comments. Though Drupal offers a predefined block for comments but at many times you may need to create your own block with custom fields and filters.

To create a comment views
1.First you need to create a View with all the fields of comment as preferred.

2.The main concepts comes into the filter portion, you can add a filter of comment body

3.Then when you click on add option it shows (is equal to) and a text box that should be done is (not equal to) > empty body(empty text box)... launches on 23rd July 2010

Timerays another project of Sparxsys Solutions has been made LIVE !!


Project Description
This website is basically made for writing articles. In this three types of articles have been shown. These are basically Article Categories. All the articles on the site are divided into one of these three Categories.


The site is broadly divided into these three sections.

Just like any other Drupal site this site is also very user friendly, author can easily make there accounts and post there articles.


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